The peninsula region is home of the first human kingdom, wrested from the claws of the Rust Red Tyrant. It was named Areddian in honor of Areddir, the hero who died slaying the tyrant. To the north of Areddian lies the Freshwater Sea, their borders skirting the Black Marshes. At its northeast lie the White Mountains, the continental mountain range. In the east is the First Forest. The peninsula itself sticks out into the Middle Sea.

The Serpentine River serves as a major agricultural belt and trade route. It exits into the Middle Sea at a fertile river delta called the Dragon’s Head. Sitting astride Dragon’s Throat island at the opening of the Dragon’s Head is the capital city Dammath.


The common folk of Areddian tend to be warm and open to strangers, but they are simple folk who regard the mysteries of the world with distrust. Their beliefs and superstitions are dominated by the Church of the Harvest.

The Church is generally respectful of wizards and tempers its language towards them. The various magic universities pay heavy tithes to stay in its good graces. Even necromancers, loathed by the people of the Freshwater Sea, are paid deep respect and the Dammath University of Anatomy and Medicine is the only magic university to exist within the borders of a city – on the western bank of the Serpentine River within the capital Dammath.

However, the Church holds no such love for sorcerers. Sorcerers are the scapegoats of every problem with in Areddian and the Church’s paladins hunt them relentlessly. Sorcerers can often survive within towns and villages pretending to be hedge wizards, but no sorcerer with their head on straight would dare use magic within the 10 miles of a church for the fate is worse than death. Captured sorcerers are taken to one of the various asylums of Areddian where they are ‘cured’ of their ‘affliction’ by state enchanters and necromancers.

On Magic: magic is everywhere… not necessarily that magical items are everywhere or the products of magical engineering are widespread and boring, but everywhere it can be found if looked for enough. Despite this, magic is rare and special enough to still invoke wonder in people. It is the cause of much fear and hatred. Most of the common folk of the land are ignorant to its strengths and limits.

the churches that preach that the wizards are distracting from the true magic of the gods with their heathen powers (arcane magic is despised by the Church of Harvest)


The First Forest is home to the elves. While some elves mingle with the human villages that border the forest, most of them remain well away from the humans. One sect of the elves, The Druids, are zealous in their endeavors to prevent humans from harming the forest in any way. This is because the human beliefs are centered around the God of Harvest. The favored farming technique in the heavily forested region is slash and burn agriculture. As a result, the humans are a serious threat to the forest.


The land was once ruled by a tyrannical red dragon known as the Rust Red Tyrant. This tyrant was known to conflagrate the land to ash as culling of his stock of living servants (humans, etc). His reign ended when a hero arrived from a far off land. The hero slew the Tyrant but was mortally wounded. His last words became the tenets for the new civilization that would emerge. His children were named as kings of the land, and his burial site is venerated as holy ground by the God of Harvest religion. They preach against arcane magic and dragons


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