A dragon is an enormous winged reptilian creature. True dragons are vastly powerful magical creatures, incredibly intelligent and practically immortal. Thankfully, dragons are a truly rare breed and number only a few dozen in the entire world. The dragons known to men are fiercely territorial, with claimed lands extending for miles from their dens, and arrogant to a fault. The oldest dragons make their territory well known, and all who value their lives would be wise to never step foot inside it.


Dragons are not native to the world. With vast dietary needs, they tend to wreak severe ecological harm on an area they inhabit. There are few places in the world that can support a dragon’s hunger for long. Dragons cannot sustain themselves on meat or vegetation alone, indeed these are barely suitable for a hungry dragon, but as magical beings they survive on Essence, the magic of the world. Large stores of Essence enough to sustain a dragon are as rare and wonderful as the creatures themselves, these areas are where dragons build their lairs and defend with their lives.

The Dragon Years

A female dragon produces a clutch of eggs only once in a century. Those who study dragons call it a wyrm’s century. After the wyrmlings have hatched, the dragon will increase her activity in the area to gather food for them. Sometimes wyrmlings are left to fend for themselves. In either case, when the wyrmlings finally leave their mother they wreak havok on the surrounding area as they attempt to find a suitable feeding ground. These events of increased dragon activity are known as the Dragon Years, and populations with a local dragon fear their coming.

Be aware, that female dragons do not produce clutches every century, and thus, Dragon Years are quite rare throughout history, although very devastating.

Most young dragons do not survive the decade. Either they plague the locals to the point they are hunted down and killed or they simply starve to death; the rarity of food means most dragons live short, brutal lives.


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