Dreln is a military citystate in a constant state of low-scale conflict with its neighbors. Despite its small size, Dreln is a powerful magocracy, a nation whose ruling families are without exception born as sorcerers or trained as wizards. Dreln’s standing army is famously composed of only three centuries of knight-mages: the White Cloaks. Each century is commanded by a praetor, who in turn also rule Dreln. In one of the historical conflicts between Areddian and Dreln, a squad of ten White Cloaks defeated an army of one thousand foot soldiers, leading to the saying “the white cloak never stains red”.

Dreln is viciously territorial, though not expansionist. However, Dreln does lay claim to disputed territory, most notably the capital city of Gahnal, a city carved directly into the face of the White Mountains, leaving Dreln in conflict with the Stoneborn Dwarves of the Gundlands.

The White Cloaks are landed nobles whose families together control all of Dreln. Non-mages are second class citizens who have no say in the Commons (ruling member of each family has a vote, as well as the three praetors). Commoners are not restricted from landholding, but most cannot afford the cost in such a small country. The White Towers of Dreln control regional fiefdoms, serving multiple purposes as fortresses, places of learning, and government buildings.

In addition to the elite standing army that are the knight-mages, every able bodied man within Dreln can be counted as a reserve soldier. All men in Dreln are required to receive one year of martial instruction at the age of maturity and are issued a weapon kept housed in the local White Tower. In the event of open war, every male would be called on to be fielded in battle. In addition to basic training, Dreln maintains a contingent of guardsmen at every White Tower. This protectorate serve as the constabulary for their local tower, and serve their local knight-mage. The protectorate are often decorated in a military fashion and held in a position of honor above most common folk. Land rewards for service in the protectorate are one of the few routes commoners in Dreln come to own land.

The common people of Dreln are therefore mostly serfs who work the land around White Cloak towers. Magical training is strictly kept within the squire-apprentice tradition, so it is practically unheard of for a Dreln commoner to know magic. Though it is rare, sorcerers born to commoners are adopted by a noble house. The serfs do however have a better life than many peasants of the other regions, they do not fear invaders and their crops do famously well due to the volcanic soil of the area. Nevertheless, they remain second class citizens


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