The Dwarves

The Dwarven race is ancient beyond counting.

Dwarven society was originally built upon the eleven clans fathered by the ancient dwarves who fled from the servitude of the elves. The eleven clans ruled as a council until the rust red tyrant took control of the country. It was during the early days of the tyrants’ rule when the Bloodbeards defected and entered the thralldom of the red tyrant. this event spawned a rift between the remaining clans, and led to the clan wars. These wars lasted for decades between times of brief peace. The wars did not end until the patron of the bloodbeards was killed in a skirmish with the Stonesingers. However also in this battle the lineage of the stonesinger patron was killed. With no family of pure blood to carry on the lineage, the remaining stonesingers succumbed to the bleakness as they patron faded from the world.

The stonesinger clan became the hill dwarves that inhabit the talann highlands. They fled the mountains to forget the death of their patron.


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