Like humans and halflings, gnomes are not native to the world. Gnomes are quite few in number, and furthermore the gnomish spirit refuses to be tied to one place. Most gnomes are nomadic, wandering from town to town in gypsy groups and living on the edges of human society.

The presence of a gnomish caravan is highly valued, for gnomes are renowned for their skill and artistry. Every gnome is born with the inherent desire to create or experience something new, making each and every gnomish craftsman an inventor and innovator spreading new skills and ideas to human towns.

Gnomes are also skilled adventurers. No other race has as high a percentage of adventuring stock as gnomes. A gnome does not even adventure for the thought of wealth or rediscovering old secrets, the thrill of adventure and its novelties are enough to drive a gnome to peruse an adventuring career. Even the danger of adventuring calls to some gnomes, for little is as new and exciting as being in fear for your life.

The gnomish lifestyle does have its downsides though. A gnome is so entranced by exploration and innovation that they rarely settle down. Stories are told of gnomes confined to one place such as those imprisoned for crimes committing suicide out of boredom. With no true homes, and little fear for their lives many gnomes die in the search for something new in many cases without having a single child. The gnomish race is in constant threat of dying out completely.


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