When Areddir fought the Rust Red Tyrant their battle took to the skies over Areddian with the two locked in mortal combat. In the final moments of their struggle, the Tyrant’s throat was cut ane he and the hero plummited to their final resting place in the grassy fields of Hamiland.

The province of Hamiland is the heartland of Areddian, an idyllic lightly wooded grassland that is most famous for its vinyards and barley fields that serve to supply wine and ale to the whole continent.

The low population density is also attractive to the secretive wizard’s universities of Areddian and monks from the Church of Harvest seeking a life of quiet contemplation. Universities and monestaries are nestled all throughout Hamiland, within protected vales or surrounded by acres of vinyards.

Hamiland is dotted with many Elven ruins from the height of the Elven Empire. Though millenia have left the easiest targets stripped of their past wealth, adventurers still wander Hamiland seeking undiscovered treasures.


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